You and I are family

We are, all of us, related. Related to all our fellow two-leggeds around this earth, and to the four-leggeds, and the ones that fly, swim, crawl and wiggle, the tall-standing ones, and all the plant nation. We are One Earth Family.

Dear friends, thank you for your interest and support. Please explore, with us, this idea of relatedness and about new ways to celebrate and elevate our sense of kinship with all things.

Mediicine Wheel Proposal

I have an idea! Let's take the Medicine Wheel to Burning Man!!!

On February 1st we submitted an Art Grant Proposal asking for funds to build a 70' diameter Medicine Wheel on the playa this year.

Come! Join us! Click on the quill wheel to the right, above, for more information.

Great Spirit! Watch-over and guide us. Know our hearts and hear these prayers.